Technologically challenged

16 Sep

With a heavy sigh it is time for me to admit that I messed up. Upon further examination, I realized that our separate pages do not facilitate the dialogue I hoped. Apparently, those pages are not meant to change much, especially not with frequent posts and comments. With that said, I have to get creative, or make separate blogs entirely catered to each class.

While I work out the kinks, you have TWO options. You can either write a hard copy response to the questions to turn in Monday, or submit a comment here on the main page (just note that both U.S. and APUSH will see them).

Watch the video below. Write a thorough paragraph response discussing the significance of the American Revolution. Is a revolution the only way to attain democracy under a tyrannical power? Explain.

Have a great weekend students!

Greetings students!

11 Sep

This is a work in progress but our blog is FINALLY up and running! As you will note along the top of the page, there is a separate space for every class. All dialogues and assignments will be on your respective course page, to duplicate our classroom dynamic in an innovative way. On the main page you will find posts such as these, which apply to everyone.

I will alert you in class when you need to check the site for an assignment. However, I also encourage you to check the space daily for updates and reminders, or to check out surprise posts I may put up just for fun! Think of this as our own personal social network. Just as I require in the classroom, this is a safe space where everyone’s perspectives are valid. I want our dialogues here to be organic, in that people write what they think and feel. This also requires that we keep it respectful, relevant, and insightful.

Bear with me as I learn to navigate a website. This is a lot trickier than Facebook! Please feel free to give me suggestions regarding what you would like to see on this site. Remember this is just as much your space as mine, and I am really looking forward to utilizing this interface in fun, creative, and critical ways!


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